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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been experiencing tremendous achievements to international standards over the past few decades in numerous development projects related to residential, official, commercial, industrial, and public & infrastructure fields. Thanks to the blessing of the Almighty, the most merciful Allah for the wealth that has bestowed upon the Kingdom in the first place. Special thanks to the prominent rule exercised in the new millennium.

This website presents the work performed by Al-Mutlaq & Bu-Nuhayah Consulting Engineers (MB) in contributing to the Kingdom’s growth in the construction industry.

We, MB, strongly believe that any project must reflect and extend the community values, culture and potential made available for the present community as well as to the future generation. We apply the creativity, technical skills and expertise focusing on formation of the elements of the building and the surrounding vicinity that respond to cultural, social, psychological and economical factors as well as the natural resources of the community. It is our pleasure and pride to express the opportunity to contribute to the progressive development and transformation of the Kingdom.

On this occasion, we confirm that MB will extend to make use of the latest technology in rendering our design and engineering services with utmost quality and standard, timely delivery in a cost effective manner to the citizen and country in recognition to the responsibility entrusted to MB. Finally, we take this opportunity to thank all of our most valuable clients who keep extending their golden hand to help in their business endeavors and stand the corner stone of MB, upon whom we build our skyscrapers.


Al-Mutlaq & Bu-Nuhayah Consulting Engineers (MB) is a multidisciplinary professional consulting company established in 1985 by Engr. Marwan Al-Mutlaq; and Arch. Fahad Bu-Nuhayah made an association with this company in 1990. Also, at the same year, Arch. Gerry Barcebal joined the company to strengthen and achieve the Management’s goal:

“To provide Consultant Services in planning, Architecture and Engineering; ensuring high quality, Cost-effective and on time delivery to fulfill the requirements of the clients and gain the reputation in the Kingdom.”

This has been achieved continuously in each project and to every client irrespective of size. Thus MB has establishment a reputation as one of the leading architectural and engineering consultant firm in the Kingdom. Over the past 30 years, MB had extended design and project villas, including building to the following most valuable and prestigious clients.

MB Progress

The most significant factor in the firm’s progress has been the ability to manage the total planning, design and construction process for projects of any size or scope, along with its record of delivering project on time and within budget, to the entire satisfaction of the clients. Since its inception MB has developed specialized expertise in a wide diversity of building type such as banks, offices, commercial complex, villas, apartments, institutions, educational, cultural and government projects including urban development projects.

Over the past few years MB has an association with international Consultant Firms to benefit and apply international expertise in the architectural and engineering design services, in cope with the International technical advancement. At MB, the expertise and experience of international professional are of immense value and capable of meeting international standards. This has been achieved through a periodic internal as well as external training and seminars to gain the exposure of state-of-the-art technology in the construction industry.

Advanced computer system has been utilized for all data saving management information systems, graphics, computer aided design and drafting (CADD) for animation, presentation and proper coordination between all design and engineering disciplines. This enable the team to carryout design / supervision / projects management services of varying sizes, to numerous clients. The methodology we adopted both in-house, within the team members, and externally with the client’s / client’s representative in a highly professional manner to make simple, however, considering client’s creative suggestions to resolve any design problems, the overview of various projects are shown in graphics in the following pages.

We at MB encourage Client’s participation in design review at concept level through final design, in order to help each other in complementing the entirety of the project requirements and make the project successful. While we stepped ahead toward the new millennium, MBCE looks back at its contribution in fulfilling every Client’s requirements in general and Kingdom-growth in particular and confident of continuing the same with the continuous support of the clients.

Keeping the Client Updated:    MB has the most modern project progress reporting system, thus updating the client of what is going on by utilizing all the modern advancement in digital imaging through self developed graphical progress reports. The graphics reveals the outstanding performance of MB. This include about 600 projects of small to large size Banks, Government, Business Groups, Palace and Villas, Office Building, etc. which have been designed/supervised by MB over the past 17 years. Corporation contributes 66% of MB services. The private projects are less in number, however, this contributed to the major role in uplifting the image of MB in becoming a leading architectural and engineering consultant because of the variety of facilities design that stands all over the Kingdom. Al–Mutlaq & Bu-Nuhayah Consulting Engineers (MB) has been engaged in the consulting industry to provide Engineering and Project / Construction Management and high quality architectural services. MB provides a broad range of professional consulting services from initial economic analysis through construction completion and to the design and installation of interior and graphics furnishing.

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