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Master Planning and Urban Design

Physical and environmental, assessments, project plans, land development concepts, economic planning and development programs, industrial and downtown district re-developments, zoning and subdivision ordinances, land use plans, urban design, urban development plans and transportation plans.

Architectural Design

A complete architectural service including schematic report and concept development design and plan development, materials selection and finish, equipment and hardware, fixtures and furnishing, space utilization analysis, emergency and value engineering, renovations, working drawing and construction document, cost and quality estimation, contract and bid negotiation including fast track and team, construction observation and administration.

Interior Design

Space plan work station layout, plans and merchandising layouts, custom furniture design and fabrications, color selection and accent design, fabric and floor / wall covering selection, lighting and acoustical systems, wall panel and portioning systems, equipment and hardware specification.


Ecological inventories and assessments, design resources survey and management system, site and soil evaluation, storm and surface drainage system, landscape design and planting plans, site feasibility studies, park and recreation plans and designs, open space design, malls and streetscapes, urban design.


Corporate engineering services including designs, design development, construction documents, specification, detailing etc.

Graphic Design

Interior communication and graphics system, site signage and standard street furniture and furnishing, marking and logo development models, animation and graphic illustration.

Project/Construction Management

Budgeting, cost controls, contract preparation, bidding, scheduling and expending, purchasing and complete coordination of designers and construction forces to enable efficient “fast-track” construction and furnishing.

Land and Property Development

Supervision includes feasibility studies, land survey, legal and development control regulation analysis and market survey, detailed architectural and engineering services cost estimation, project/construction management.

Feasibility Studies

Analysis of land, identification of potential and constrains for development, optimum land utilization, development proposal, budgetary cost estimation, investment and returns analysis.

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