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MB Projects Overview


Interior Design

MB is one of the few offices, where their works show sincere effort in developing unique interior space works for a group of building with diversified function. The office focuses on the study of internal elements in general and decoration aspects in particular coupled with the use of materials and colors in an integral manner both internally and externally. The office also stresses on the study of functional aspects in relation to beauty requirement of empty spaces and the harmony between furniture and lighting based on expertise and artistic creativity of designers.

Urban Design and Landscaping

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed tremendous urban development over the past two decades especially in the area of architecture and urban design. MB managed to cope with the development pace and executed a number of housing and planning projects through the efforts of work team compromising creative designers and planners all over the Kingdom.

Public Facilities and Services

The huge development experienced by Saudi Arabia increased the demand on administrative, commercial and health facilities in addition of educational, culture and religious facilities. MB played a primary role in conducting studies and construction of public facilities starting with site studies, preliminary design, detailed engineering design and ending with project construction management and supervision.

Residential Building and Places

The economical and social changes witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf region as a whole led to a population growth thus increasing demand on various types of residential units as well as private places. The elite technical and engineering standards of MB attracted many real estate investors as well as other individuals seeking excellent and distinct private residential projects. Creative architectural ideas, fluent spaces and functional both characterize the office work in this areas internally and externally and special attention to avoid wastage, exaggeration of complexity. The results were quite positive in the terms of assuring the comfort and satisfaction of the humanitarian and psychological demands of end user.

Industrial Facilities

The stunning and industrial achievement made over the past few years and associated with the progress and prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has been a witness to the potential on national consultation firms. MB contributes actively and efficiently to the process of the progress through designing a number of various industrial facilities. The office engineering team shoulders responsibility for conducting feasibility studies, preliminary design, providing full design engineering services as well as supervision and project management services for industrial facilities.

Communication Facilities

The MB Engineers were involved in the Design and Supervision of Data and Telecom Buildings. At present, our team was able to get a Design Approval from Uptime Institute of United States of America for three (3) Technical Buildings here in Riyadh. The Team is capable of providing Design Consultancy or Engineering works with regards to these types of building.

Mechanical Engineering Services

With the wide experience of our Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, we are capable of providing design concepts and system modifications to any electrical and mechanical systems to meet the Clients requirements and value engineering without violating any standard code design requirements. Our Mechanical Engineers are capable of providing HVAC system to meet Client requirements as per violating ASHARE and BSI standard codes.

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